Fashionable, Stylish, and Elegant Design

We create warm, fresh, light, inviting, and functional spaces that speak to the specific personality and tastes of each client. Our design is both on trend and timeless and we do our best to stay true to each home's aesthetic integrity as we renew old spaces! We pride ourselves in fashionable, stylish, and elegant design!

For Farm Chic Design, comfort and functionality are key. While we work diligently with our clients to provide beautiful colors, inspiring lighting, and varied textures, we are ultimately committed to a design that actually works for your lifestyle and that is just as practical as it is beautiful! We love designing from the ground up - every detail is so important! Layout, windows, lighting - it all comes together like a beautiful puzzle. I also have a passion for retrofitting any existing house - turning it from ordinary to extraordinary. It is so rewarding seeing clients react to the "wow" factor of our finished projects!

We provide everything you'll need for your next project! Along with elegant remodel and interior design services, we offer an in-house contractor and real estate broker! In the fall of 2018, we plan to open up a showroom where we will be able to provide you with a variety of high end products for finishing your home - all in one place! From the first consultation to the last detail, we strive to give our clients an incomparable experience! Breathing life into clients' homes is what we do best. It's our joy to take something that seems worthless and give it new purpose.