Shiplap Look-Alike Shower How-To

We have received a lot of requests for more information on how we created this gorgeous ship-lap look-alike shower in our recent Clay Street project. So we’re going to spill the details on how we achieved this unique and functional look. Spoiler alert - it’s not actually shiplap!

The two main objectives with creating this shower (or any shower) is making sure it’s durable and waterproof. We chose to use cement board for this application. It comes in wood grain, stucco, and a smooth texture. Cement board is designed to be completely waterproof and hold up under intense rain, wind, and even hail. This shower is doubly protected because we made it completely watertight even before installing the cement board. We used Kerdi-Board for this application. It is an amazing product!

After installing the Kerdi-Board and cement board, we used a high-quality silicone in the grout lines to make sure every last nook and cranny would keep the water out! We finished off the entire project by painting the boards with marine paint (which is used on ships) so we knew it was a full-proof option for our shower project! You can buy marine paint from a marina or Home Depot and Lowe’s have options as well.

There you have it - the short and simple version of this high-impact project! We’re incredibly pleased with how this shower turned out and we hope it inspires and helps those of you who are interested in this sort of look for your own home!

Q&A with Tori Ashmore!

1) What does a typical day look like for you?

I'm not sure if our family has had a "typical" day yet! Between my business, the farm, four teenagers (and all of their games, practices, and music lessons), and my husband's full-time job, each day brings on a whole new adventure. My husband and I make a great team, so we try to switch off which mornings we do the "chores" at home - feeding the animals (some are more picky than others - like those teenagers - and getting those teens on their bus. On the mornings that I don't do the routine at home, I usually try to hit the gym bright and early before work.

As far as the design business goes, every day really does look different. My studio is located in an adorable downtown area near my house, so I will often go there to work on bids and designs and I also meet with a lot of clients! The traffic in Atlanta is absolutely crazy, so I try to work in the office for the first part of the morning - starting the day organized and grounded helps so much!

After the traffic slows down, I'll head out for appointments with contractors and clients, shopping for materials, and inspecting projects. During this time, my husband is at work and the kids are at school. We all try to meet up back at home around 4:30 p.m.

Once the work day is over, I really try to embrace my role as a mom and wife. We do supper together and spend time as a family (even if it's just doing music practices and homework). Supper is very important to us - we put our phones away so we can connect, hear about each others’ days, and swap funny stories! Between the six of us, there is never a dull moment!

2) Which of your personality traits is most helpful for your work as an interior designer?

It's always awkward to talk about yourself, so I asked one of my friends what she thought. She said, "Without a doubt, the personality trait that has made Tori excel is her design work is her adventurous spirit. Just a few years ago, this was a part-time hobby - where many people are when they start a business. But because she was not afraid to put herself out there, to learn the tricks of the trade, and to take risks, she's taken her business from flipping old pieces of furniture to flipping multiple houses! I think her confidence attracts those who want to invest their money, and need someone who's sure they can make their vision happen - and that's Tori!"

3) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Without a doubt, a night owl! I get so much done after everyone is tucked into bed - the house is quiet and I can curl up on the couch with my laptop. No one is usually calling or texting to interrupt my time. I'm definitely not a morning person - my family is very familiar with my morning "wave" which they know means "good morning...I love you...but don't talk to me!"

4) What is your favorite Atlanta-area restaurant and why?

This is a hard question because I love eating out and trying different foods! Atlanta has so many things to offer! Probably my most frequented restaurant would be one in the Avalon, a fun outdoor shopping center not to far from us. It's got stores, great restaurants, and a movie theater. El Felix is my favorite - great steak tacos, homemade tortillas (!!), and chunky guacamole. Right across the street is Cafe Intermezzo, a beautiful little European cafe with decadent desserts and great espresso. The combination makes a great girls’ night or date night with my husband!

5) Have you always wanted to be in the interior design business or is this a career path that has caught you by surprise?

Yes and no. I grew up as the daughter of a contractor so I was constantly around the building or rebuilding of homes, making them beautiful and functional. Around college, I decided I didn't want to be a part of that industry. I guess when it came time to "grow up,” I wanted to try something totally different than I was used to at home.

After going to college, getting married, and starting a family, I just started being pulled back to design. Like my friend mentioned, I started buying furniture pieces from local yard sales, refinishing them, marketing them online, and selling them. Then, I started consulting for my friends who wanted to redesign their homes, refinishing kitchens. The next thing I knew, I was designing spaces, then whole houses! While I love interior design, I also love the architectural design side of things. It's fun to remodel or build onto a home to make it the perfect space for its family, and I feel like this expertise helps me when working with contractors and builders.

6) What is your favorite room in a house to design?

Whichever one I'm currently doing! I love all the rooms and the unique challenges they offer. But, if I had to choose, it's probably a tie between kitchens and a master suite.

For me, the kitchen is the heartbeat of my home. It's the place I gather most often with family and friends. So when I design that space, I want it to be the most functional room in the house, but also create an atmosphere that everyone wants to be in.

I'm a huge romantic, so of course the master suite appeals to me also. I think every couple needs an oasis, where they can go to relax and rejuvenate together. Those moments are helped by simple luxuries, good design, and organization - and of course I always want to throw in some great spa-like features in the bathroom for those busy moms!

7) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

Definitely Europe - I love the culture and the centuries-old beauty in the simplest of places. I have a painting in my living room that reminds me of a cottage in the French countryside! That's my happy place!

8) What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Each year, our kids get a special ornament that kind of encapsulates their year or achievements. My mom did that for us, and it's so fun to have a tree full of memories. I also host a Christmas tea each year for the wives of the other pastors that my husband works with. We often don't get a lot of time to spend together because of all our busy schedules, so it's always fun to set a beautiful table, gather all the teapots, and enjoy food like scones and clotted cream together.

9) What's your favorite recipe to cook for your family?

We are big fans of Mexican food! I grew up in Texas, so of course my entire family has been taught to love Tex-Mex. I like that it's quick and easy to prepare, and everyone can customize it to their liking!

10) What is the most rewarding part of your work as owner of Farm Chic Design?

When we've taken a project from start to finish, and I get to see the client's face when they see the finished project! I put all my effort into each one of my projects, so there's a lot of joy in giving that finished project back to the clients I've grown to love!

Meet Our Intern, Sarah Foushee!

Hello! My name is Sarah Foushee and I’m a sophomore at Anderson University in South Carolina. I am studying what I absolutely love - interior design! Ever since I can remember, being involved with interior design has always been a dream of mine. My interest began when I realized how much I loved rearranging furniture and decor in my own room and also that I thoroughly enjoyed perusing design websites. I would spend hours on Pottery Barn’s site making wish lists for my dream house! I also enjoyed watching countless episodes of HGTV shows with my aunt. I always imagined that one day I could be the one making someone’s life happier by creating comfortable and beautiful spaces.

Farm Chic Design has made this dream of mine start coming to life! I was given the amazing opportunity to intern alongside Tori this past summer and help her with multiple jobs. I did a little bit of everything, from picking out samples to making mood boards for clients. I love working with Farm Chic Design because it allows me to get hands-on experience in the interior design field and practically do the things I’m learning in my college classes. Tori is so much fun to work with and makes every day a new and exciting adventure!

Currently, I am in my second year of college and have already completed many design classes. Right now we are working on rendering, drafting, and we’re about to start learning Sketch Up. I just completed two projects: residential design and student housing. We were required to pick clients and design spaces that fit their needs. Between these two projects, I hand rendered five perspectives, a floor plan, and two elevations and also drafted five construction documents, selected samples, assembled six presentation boards, and three jobs books. At the end, we presented these projects to multiple external reviewers. I have already gained so much knowledge studying at Anderson University!

My future dream after college is to work alongside a residential design firm and to one day maybe start a firm of my own. Securing this internship with FCD has pushed me closer towards my future goals and I can’t wait to see what else I will learn while I’m here!

We Bought a Flip!

We have some very exciting news!!! Farm Chic Design has purchased her first flip! We're celebrating the closing of the property today and can't wait to get to work on it! We plan to take this run-down 1960 farmhouse and turn it into a dreamy modern farmhouse where new memories can be made. We have plans to add a second story and double our square footage!

I take a lot of joy turning something ugly (and almost condemned) into something beautiful! We see so much vision for this place and are looking forward to restoring its charm and character! I wish the walls of these old homes could talk and tell us of stories formed and memories made in years past!

I love what I do and the variety my job entails. Whether it's restyling a house or remodeling a kitchen or finishing off a basement - I love it all! We have also done many flips for investors. But this time it's all OURS! We decided to enter the adventure of house-flipping by scooping up this forgotten home to bring it back to life!

Will you come along on this adventure with us?! We will be sharing updates along the way on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure you're following along. I often share details about our properties on Farm Chic Design's Instagram stories - it's a super fun way to stay updated!

Cheer us on as we set out on this new adventure!