Shiplap Look-Alike Shower How-To

We have received a lot of requests for more information on how we created this gorgeous ship-lap look-alike shower in our recent Clay Street project. So we’re going to spill the details on how we achieved this unique and functional look. Spoiler alert - it’s not actually shiplap!

The two main objectives with creating this shower (or any shower) is making sure it’s durable and waterproof. We chose to use cement board for this application. It comes in wood grain, stucco, and a smooth texture. Cement board is designed to be completely waterproof and hold up under intense rain, wind, and even hail. This shower is doubly protected because we made it completely watertight even before installing the cement board. We used Kerdi-Board for this application. It is an amazing product!

After installing the Kerdi-Board and cement board, we used a high-quality silicone in the grout lines to make sure every last nook and cranny would keep the water out! We finished off the entire project by painting the boards with marine paint (which is used on ships) so we knew it was a full-proof option for our shower project! You can buy marine paint from a marina or Home Depot and Lowe’s have options as well.

There you have it - the short and simple version of this high-impact project! We’re incredibly pleased with how this shower turned out and we hope it inspires and helps those of you who are interested in this sort of look for your own home!