We Bought a Flip!

We have some very exciting news!!! Farm Chic Design has purchased her first flip! We're celebrating the closing of the property today and can't wait to get to work on it! We plan to take this run-down 1960 farmhouse and turn it into a dreamy modern farmhouse where new memories can be made. We have plans to add a second story and double our square footage!

I take a lot of joy turning something ugly (and almost condemned) into something beautiful! We see so much vision for this place and are looking forward to restoring its charm and character! I wish the walls of these old homes could talk and tell us of stories formed and memories made in years past!

I love what I do and the variety my job entails. Whether it's restyling a house or remodeling a kitchen or finishing off a basement - I love it all! We have also done many flips for investors. But this time it's all OURS! We decided to enter the adventure of house-flipping by scooping up this forgotten home to bring it back to life!

Will you come along on this adventure with us?! We will be sharing updates along the way on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure you're following along. I often share details about our properties on Farm Chic Design's Instagram stories - it's a super fun way to stay updated!

Cheer us on as we set out on this new adventure!