The Why + How of Adding Color To Your Home

Some people are drawn toward neutrals. Some are drawn toward a lot of bold color! We’re talking today about how to beautifully incorporate color into your home in a way that is tasteful, budget-friendly, and cohesive!

Adding pops of color to an otherwise neutral palette is a great way to add interest to your a space. Even if you’re naturally drawn to a subdued space, finding just the right ways to incorporate color will add a little punch to your room!

If you’re inclined toward a lot of color in the first place, learning how to add it tastefully can be helpful. Because color choices are often trendy, adding them in bulk becomes expensive if you like to replace items as your tastes change. In addition, excessive color on top of color in a room doesn’t allow a place for the eyes to rest.

So let’s learn the why + how of adding color to a space! We hope you enjoy these simple tips!

Why should I add color?

Color adds interest - it’s the spice of life. We see it all around us in the world! Including color in your space is an outlet for self-expression, allowing your personality to shine!

How do I add color?

I recommend starting with a neutral palette. It’s a great idea to make your larger, more expensive home purchases less colorful and more neutral. This would ideally be all of your large pieces of furniture. Mostly neutral furnishings will ground your space so you can layer colors and textures on top. Now, there is absolutely no harm in having a colored (whether bold or subtle) upholstered chair or desk, but try to keep the bulk of your pieces neutral. Then add color in items that are less expensive and can be easily changed out!

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are relatively inexpensive (depending on where you buy them) and at $20-$40 each, they can be changed out or rotated every season or every few years when you get bored with your current color scheme. You can also add pattern + texture with pillows!


Incorporating color and pattern through curtain panels is really easy and not too expensive! You can often find sales on curtains that will allow your space to feel fresh and updated while keeping your wallet happy.


This is probably the most obvious way to add color! And it might be the cheapest too. A can of quality paint costs anywhere from $25-$45 and can give your room a huge boost of personality! Whether you paint an entire space a muted color or go bold on an accent wall, the options are endless!


Yes, wallpaper is trending again! From traditional glued-on wallpaper to removable peel-and-stick versions, there are many methods to incorporate wallpaper into a space. You can upgrade a small powder room by adding a punch of wallpaper to all four walls. Or you can give a nursery an extra special look by putting up a subtle or bold print (whichever strikes your fancy) on the wall behind the crib!


Plants you say? YES! Plants are one of nature’s best sources of color! Go fill a cart at the garden center with a variety of houseplants - large + small - and you’ll watch your house come alive! Of course pay attention to lighting and watering needs.


Family photos, art ledges, baskets, mirrors, vases, lamps, bedding, throw blankets, and other decor pieces are an obvious way to add color and contrast to a space. Trading things out every once and a while, moving things around your home, or grabbing something new at your favorite store or market adds a lot of visual interest and keeps things from getting boring! You can really have fun with these items - let your personality shine!


Even though they’re usually a bit more expensive, a rug can also be a fun way to add a pop of color! Invest into a beautifully colored, timeless rug and it will bring your space life for years to come!

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash