Rugs 411 - How to Choose the Best One For Your Space

A rug purchase is no drop in the bucket. They can be expensive and can set the tone for the entire room! Many people become intimated and don't know where to start in finding the right rug for their space. There are several factors to consider!

What's the right size?

This is probably the most frequently asked question about rugs! They come in all kinds of sizes - so which one is right for your space, you ask? Well, the short answer - the bigger the better. You want your rug to fill your space and you want your furniture's legs to overlap on top of the rug on all or most sides. This helps ground the furniture and actually makes your space appear larger! Floating a small rug in the middle of a large room will visually shrink the size of the room. So go big or go home!

What's the right shape?

Most rugs we think of are rectangular in shape. And that is often a great choice! But rugs also come in ovals, circles, and some even have raw edges that give them a less precise look. Most rooms look great with a rectangular rug of some sort. But accent rugs are lovely in other shapes! And did you know you can even layer rugs?! Throw a small, sheepskin rug down next to your bed on top of the already existing rug and it adds even more visual interest (and softness)! Or toss a circular jute rug overtop of a vintage rug in your living space to add texture and an element of surprise!

What's the right color?

The color of rug you choose has a lot to do with, well - YOU! There are two different routes you can go. A rug can act as a statement piece - with lots of bold color and pattern - or it can act as a neutral piece - one which other bolder elements of the room can work off of. If you're lacking inspiration for where to begin in a room, a rug is a great place to start. Browse online or look through a store display for color and pattern ideas. If you find one you can't live without, buy it and allow it to be the springboard for the rest of your room! Find one with lots of colors and patterns you love! Then choose your furnishings, window treatments, and decor to go with that rug. OR if you desire that the rug be a more subdued element of your space, find one with light colors and minimal patterns and bring in more color and pattern using throw pillows or curtains! There are a plethora of rugs out there on the market - it's literally an endless world of possibilities!  

What's the right texture?

Should you buy a low piled rug or a high piled one? Which is easier to clean? Which one works better if I have kids in my home? This decision is completely personal! Low piled rugs are generally easier to clean but they tend to show stains more readily. High piled rugs are super soft and fluffy and hide stains but can be hard to clean if something drastic happens. The decision is up to you!

What's the right function?

You will find that different rugs work best in certain rooms. For example, a high piled rug would work better in a bedroom than in say, a dining room - for obvious reasons! And a low piled rug would do best in an entryway because of the door! Keep light colored rugs in areas of the house where they would be less likely to get dirty and darker rugs in areas where you could stand to hide some dirt. Use machine washable rugs in areas like bathrooms and mudrooms. Think about how you want your room to function and choose a rug that works for you! 

Design = form AND function so choose a rug that answers both side of the design equation!

Photo by Trang Nguyen on Unsplash