How to Identity Your Unique Design Style

Before starting a home project of any kind, it’s a good idea to have direction concerning your own personal design style! Some people can easily identify what they love and others have a harder time. Today we’re giving some pointers on how to hone in on your unique design style before you start that next project! Having direction will keep you from overwhelm - there are SO many choices!

Start by asking yourself these questions (and write down your answers):

  • What overall style is your eye drawn to - layered, minimalistic, a little of both?

  • What colors excite you - bright tones, pastels, neutrals?

  • What patterns could you see yourself incorporating?

  • What's your instinct - matchy matchy or eclectic?

  • Do you like industrial?

  • What are your thoughts on rustic elements?

  • Are you drawn to modern, sleek pieces?

  • Do you find yourself loving traditional furnishings?

  • What are your favorites textures?

  • In what era was your home built? This can set the tone!

  • How do you want to incorporate family photos + personal items?

  • What’s the main function of your space?

  • What kind of organization need to be incorporated into your space and how can you make it not only functional, but beautiful?

Once you’ve answered these questions, let your answers guide you as you design + shop. Say no to things that don’t fit your criteria and say yes to things that do! There’s no harm in buying, trying, returning, and trying again until you get the right fit! Your design style does not have to fit in a box - and actually - it's probably better if it doesn't! That's what makes it unique - it should be a cohesive collection of everything YOU love!  

Photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash