How to Create a Chic Nursery That Grows With Your Child

Putting together a nursery that will grow with your child is so important - both financially and stylistically! If you create a theme that is very "babyish" you'll be forced to rethink your room plan once that baby quickly grows into toddlerhood and beyond. Here are some ways you can put together a stylish nursery with elements that will work for years to come!

To start, find some inspiration photos on Pinterest! Create a board and pin away - this will help you determine what kinds of styles you love. Be on the watch for what high-end designers are doing throughout people's homes, not just in nurseries. You can take cues from their design choices and incorporate them into your nursery to create a cohesive and more grownup feel.

Secondly, choose a color palette. Something soft and serene for the walls is always a good choice, though an accent wall (using more saturated paint colors or wallpaper) is a fun option too! You want a baby's room to feel restful, calm, and serene. Definitely include color but balance it out with calm places for the eye to rest. Find three or four or five colors you'd like to incorporate (including neutrals). Choosing a palette early on will help guide you as you look at decor and furniture.

Next you will want to think about incorporating design elements you would use in other areas of your home - multiple textures, beautiful furniture, soft window treatments, rugs, pretty lamps, plants, and wall art. Using some or all of these elements will help the nursery fit seamlessly into the rest of the home's design!

Even if the room has wall-to-wall carpeting, throw a rug on top for extra comfort and texture. Use baskets - they add function and texture! Find a unique, one-of-a-kind dresser and throw a changing pad on top instead of spending money on a changing table. Add a pop of color in your window treatments or crib bedding! Invest into a neutral, good-quality rocker - you'll use it a lot! Find a pretty dresser lamp or floor lamp for added ambiance and soft lighting. Plants are a cheap and beautiful way to pops of life to the room - keep a large potted plant on the floor or stick a few up on a wall shelf! Show off your unique style with wall art that reflects who you are - maybe it's a painting, or a palette sign with a beautiful saying, or a gorgeous mirror, or multiple items corralled together on the wall! You may even choose to switch out your run-of-the-mill overhead light fixture for something a little extra special. The options are limitless!

Functionality is key, especially for a child's room so put some thought into it. Keep clutter to a minimum by having "a place for everything and everything in it's place." Find a beautiful, lidded hamper for the corner of the room. Incorporate a drawer and closet organization system. Make sure you can access essentials easily and quickly - for diapering, feeding, and changing. Have an easy-to-reach place for extra sheets and blankets. Unless your child will have a dedicated play room, he or she will need space for toys in the near future. Design the room with that in mind and think about where you can incorporate book shelves or racks and toy bins. You can make your nursery both functional and beautiful! 

Lastly, consider how the room can easily transition from a nursery to toddler room to big kid room - they grow faster than you'd think! Using classic and neutral pieces will allow your room to last and transform bit by bit over your child's first years of life!

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash